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YouVersion Bible App for Kids a Game Changer?

By on December 13, 2013
YouVersion Bible App for Kids a Game Changer?

There’s now a Bible app just for kids. The creators of YouVersion, the popular free Bible app, have just released another free app geared at kids ages 4 through 10.

The new app has already been downloaded a million times since it was made available Thanksgiving Day.

The app was developed in collaboration with the international ministry OneHope, which produces age specific and customized scripture programs based on research for young people around the world

OneHope President Rob Hoskins said the app was created to be functional for children around the world.

“With translations in other languages besides English in the works, the app will also make it possible to reach children worldwide. Even in countries where evangelism is difficult, smart phones are prevalent,” Hoskins said.

Bobby Gruenewald, Innovation Pastor at, which created YouVersion, said he believes the app is a generational game changer.

“Just like we’ve seen the Bible App transform how our generation is engaging with Scripture, we believe the Bible App for Kids will change how the next generation discovers the grand narrative of the Bible,” Gruenewald said.

Gruenewald said new features allowing parents to interact with their kids by connecting their YouVersion accounts are in production.

The Bible App for Kids can be downloaded on Apple, Android, and some Kindle mobile devices for free at


Original post by CBN News


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