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What NOT To Wear… To the AIRPORT

By on December 3, 2015

The items of clothing most likely to spark a security delay revealed

We’re always in pursuit of further refining our ensemble for every destination, whether it’s the airport or the office. And while we’ve done enough travelling to have a general idea of what works and what doesn’t at the airport—those lace-up sandals were awesome, until we held up an impatient line of people trying to take them off—we figured there’s still a thing or two we can learn from a true expert.

Scroll down to check them out, and make your next travelling experience that much smoother.


“If you are opposed to getting patted down, then wearing a maxi skirt or dress isn’t your best bet because the officer will have to check you are not hiding anything under your skirt.” — Kimberly Pruitt


“Believe it or not, too many bobby pins will set off the metal detector alarm. If you’re looking to maintain your hair and skip the pat down, then I would suggest getting dolled up after screening.” — Kimberly Pruitt

“Cargo pants and shorts are one of the most difficult items of clothing at the airport. All the different pockets become a major hassle because they almost always set off the alarm. When being told by an officer to remove everything from your pockets, there is always a lighter or set of keys that you’ve forgotten in a hidden pocket.” — Kimberly Pruitt


“Large metal bracelets and necklaces will set off the metal detector. The biggest problem item is the Cartier Love bracelet. These bracelets can only be removed with a screwdriver, so they become an issue when going through security. It might be wise to put your jewellery on after screening to avoid a pat down.” — Kimberly Pruitt

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