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By on February 25, 2014

She thought about his wife. She’d met her once… no, twice. Not really met, in the real sense of the word, seen her, once at the place she got her nails done and the other time…

It was evening, and the young woman was weeping as if her heart would break. She had sworn to herself, never again, this will NOT happen again, he was someone else’s husband, what if they were found out, what if SHE were found out. He’d most likely go home to his wife, she’d take him back, the wives almost always did, “because of the children”, they’d say.
“No more” she’d said, but she’d been weak. He’d been very persuasive, … and to tell the truth she needed him, or at least the things he could do for her, …the things he could give for her; the new Land Rover parked outside, rent for her apartment, phone bills, electricity bills.
She DID have a good job courtesy of him, but the cost of living these days… and more to the point, she’d grown accustomed to this lifestyle… the Peruvian, Brazilian and Malaysian weaves, the weekend trips to London just to go to the spa at The Mandarin Oriental, the First Class tickets, the trips to Dubai and THAT hotel, the Burj al Arab, someone had to pay for them. She COULDN’t, no, scratch that, she DIDN’T want to give them up.

About a month ago he’d begun to be a bit distant. He’d say he was coming over then wouldn’t turn up.
She’d call, he’d pick, she’d say hello so he knew it was her, then she’d disconnect the call and call back in 30 minutes. This was their signal. He’d said, “It will give me time to disengage from anyone I’m with and give YOU, my love, my entire, complete and undivided attention”.
In the almost 6 years they’d been… seeing each other, that had been the way phone calls went. Yeah… right. She’d noticed that she’d call, disconnect then call back in 30 minutes, an hour, 2 and he wouldn’t pick up and when she asked him why, he’d give some non committal answer about how busy he was, and move onto something else.
Once she told him she was rethinking the relationship, however, he went back to being super attentive, showered her with more gifts, a beautiful diamond cuff, a ticket to go ahead of him to the OTC Conference in Houston and 50,000 USD in her account for spending money till he got there, talks about how she was his “anchor”, his “lifeline”, “the only one that understood him”, and vague allusions to the fact that, ” when the time was right, “we will go public, there’s nothing my wife can do about it, she knows its over”.

And so here she was, all over again, back to square one, 50,000 dollars and a diamond cuff worth about 8,000 dollars richer, and a vague promise of going “public”, not a wife, just “public” at some undisclosed time in the unknown future.
She burst into a fresh bout of tears, looked around her stylishly furnished apartment in highbrow Banana Island and tried to calm down.
If these gifts made her want to stay, she thought to herself, did this mean she was in it for the money? “I AM fond of him” she said out loud to herself, “but do I love him. If the opportunity arose would I marry him”? The sex was… enjoyable, quite good, exciting, if she were to be frank… For an older guy that is, 56 to her 35, he really knew how to pleasure her, guess experience counts, she’d reverted to her thoughts, talking out loud to ones self was crazy, she giggled amidst her tears. Tears, then giggling, maybe she WAS going crazy.

Why hadn’t she met him before his wife had? She had been made to understand that they started when he was just some lowly Bank Officer. Ah, but the more pertinent question was, would she want him if he wasn’t wealthy? Would she still want him if he WERE just some lowly Bank Officer? To be really truthful to herself the answer, was, she didn’t think so.
He had some habits that she just couldn’t abide, like the way he wouldn’t take a shower in the evening after work when he came by, the way he fell asleep, snoring like a freight train after they’d had sex, the fact that he just assumed she could, should and would, constantly be at his beck and call, to mention but a few. Moreover, she’d always dreamed of marrying someone closer to her age, that she could do fun things with, like the same music as, have the same friends as, but the flip side is, then he wouldn’t have the money.
She sighed, deeply, then stood up, almost tripping over her Roberto Cavalli, spaghetti strap long silk chiffon dress, another one of the perks of being with a wealthy man, and went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. He’d said he might drop by this evening, so she needed to compose herself and tidy herself up. He always said to her “I love being with you, you’re so calm and collected there’s no drama, no, we have to do this and that and the other, you’re my oasis” he would say.

The operative word here though, was ‘might’, nothing was ever certain with him, another thing she couldn’t abide.
If that, in his words, “wicked witch of a woman I made the mistake of making my wife” was so terrible, so horrible, then how come it was ‘might’, and he was at home with HER. She’d heard her voice in the background, saying “Dinner’s ready my love, it will get cold”, when after having done their phone signal, he must have sneaked off to answer the phone, whispering to her, “Can’t talk now, I’ll try and be there later”.
And if he did manage to make it, he would ALWAYS go back home to HER unless they were abroad or out of the city. He’d said about her, “We don’t make love any more, (she suspected that they still did ), we only make war”, and to her “I make love to you only, you’re my addiction”. As if being an addiction was such a good thing. Ironic really, cheating on ones mistress with ones wife.

Then there were the Christmases, the Easters, my Birthday. She remembered how bitter she was when he couldn’t see her till 2 days after her last birthday because his wife’s brother had invited them to spend the weekend at his new country home and he refused to back out of it, “It wasn’t right” he’d said.
What about her, what about what was right for her? She really, really needed to get a life. She wanted a husband, children some day, but what man about her age could keep her in this style to which she had grown accustomed? “Answer me that”, she said out loud again to know one in particular; here I go again, she giggled to herself.

She had made her tea and had stood there thinking, it was now cold. She poured it into the sink turned on the faucet in the Poggenpohl kitchen and made another, came back into the living room and sat down.
She’d thought of getting pregnant for him time without number she’d even broached the topic once, kind of skirted around it and he had said an unequivocal “NO”, that wasn’t an option now. The way he’d said it, she was taken aback and recoiled from him. When he saw that, he softened a little and made one of his vague comments about when the time was right he’d love to have, “a little ‘you’ running around” but, “When the time was right”, he reiterated, (whatever that meant), and begun to touch her… in the right places.

She’d thought of getting pregnant anyway, what could he really do? They used protection, but not all the time. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, especially when they were away, he would throw caution to the wind and say as their passion mounted that, “I really need to feeeeeeel you”, he liked to drag out the word ‘feel’ at those times and that really got her going.
Even if they did use a condom, she could simply perforate it before hand (he kept packets in the bed side table on ‘his side’ of the bed) or she could simply collect the used one, refrigerate it and have it inseminated or IV’Fd later. Someone she knew, married though, had done that, albeit it hadn’t worked.

One of the other ‘other women’ had advised her to do just that, get pregnant, as that would make for an ‘unbreakable bond’ and would guarantee her an income for life or at least till the child was out of Uni, or grown up or something; but 2 friends of hers had tried it on their married lovers and the mans attitude had changed completely. The men concerned just cut them off, cold turkey. It was unbelievable and scary, she wasn’t bold enough to do that, not just yet, not until she was exactly sure what his reaction would be.

What, really were her options? The truth is she did have options she was working for crying out loud, and a really good job at that. She was just greedy. It was so true that after eating on the table it was difficult to now start eating on the floor. Difficult, but not impossible, and eating on the floor was relative, would she really be eating on the floor, she HAD a job she told herself again. It was just… just… all these things.

She thought about his wife. She’d met her once… no, twice. Not really met, in the real sense of the word, seen her, once at the place she got her nails done and the other time in church, (and yes I do go to church), she wasn’t a bad person, not really. She just liked, really liked, good things. She’d left that church after she got together with him.
His wife was pretty, not beautiful per se but quite attractive, really fashionable, She, Scarlett wanted everything the wife had and has, and made sure she got it out of him. The material things at least, cars, jewellery, bags and was now going for fixed assets, landed property for a start. How could she do this, she asked herself, the land especially, if she broke up with him? He had a nice piece of property at Osborne she was eyeing.

There were things the other ‘other women’, (yes, we stick together, just like the wives do), had told her to put in his food and drink, also things to rub on her skin, on his skin under the guise of a massage, (he’d said he loved her massages, his wife never massages him because of her nails). Also things to put on her privates and to put on his, when they were doing… you know what. She had been told that once she does that he would give her anything she asked for within a 24 hour period, something to do with the cycle of the moon. She hadn’t tried it yet, wasn’t sure she would. She was a ‘church girl’ after all.
Maybe she should, she’d get the land as a final pay off then back out.

She thought again of his wife, the pain she’d feel if she found out or maybe she already knew. She’d called their house in London once, thinking of telling her everything; he’d given her the number some time in the past, to reach him on one of his trips. She’d called and said, “Is this Abby” (his wife’s name)? “Yes, it is”, she answered in a cultured, confident voice, “Whose speaking”? The instant she heard her voice she’d changed her mind about telling and kept quiet, just breathing, the wife had simply said “Whoever this is my times are in the hands of the LORD” and hung up.
This was so complicated. She knew she wouldn’t like her child, sister, auntie even a friend to be cheated on in this fashion, or to be put through the pain, anguish and humiliation of an affair whether publicly or privately. One of her friends had been going out with a married man, and when everything came out in the open and the proverbial s***t hit the proverbial fan it was terrible. Reported in mainstream papers, the gossip rags and all over the internet. She had, believe it or not, really felt his wife’s and his children’s pain. Was that where I was headed?
My tea was cold again, I get up to make another. The doorbell rings…

Wives, should she have your sympathy or not? All the “other women” out there… Comments, insights…..

By Amaka Chika-Mbonu


  1. Anonymous

    December 30, 2014 at 8:49 PM

    She’s such an evil person. Why is she feeling sorry for herself when she has taken something that isn’t gets. He’s a married man, why should she be with him. She could have said no. She knew it was wrong and still went ahead. And now she’s comparing herself to his wife, she wants everything his wife has. Nonsense . She’s a big fool. Ad she mentioned that she wanted a husband and kids. When she has them someone else will help her spend his money and help her sleep with him . Bloody fool.

  2. Anonymous

    December 27, 2014 at 8:10 PM

    I understnd hw u feel, bt we shld also learn to accept the truth just let go nd let him be, he is already married and he wont nd neva leave his wife for u.

  3. Anonymous

    August 31, 2014 at 6:53 AM

    She ls just a slLLy whore…. Long throat

    • Liliane

      December 30, 2014 at 9:26 AM

      There are a lot of Single men in this world,why get involve with a married man & ruine their would they feel if they were to be cheated by there husbands.. LEAVE MARRIED MEN ALONE for God’s sake,

  4. Emmanuel.

    August 30, 2014 at 11:29 AM

    For crying out loud, I don’t see anything wrong that she has done. Women are easily moved. And the man moved her. The question is, why did the man have to go to her in the first place? I’m a man and I have done this before, though I’m nt married. No matter the issue you have with your wife, cheating is not an issue.

  5. Anonymous

    April 25, 2014 at 3:24 PM

    She will get what she deserves unless she repents

  6. Anonymous

    April 25, 2014 at 3:22 PM

    What goes around comes around.she will get what she deserves. God will see to it unless she repents

  7. Anonymous

    April 21, 2014 at 6:26 PM

    We all have choices in life. With it comes consequences.

  8. Anonymous

    April 21, 2014 at 2:56 PM

    Sympa…what??? Sympathy ? She is a demon…a daughter of Jezebel! Why does she want to reap where she did not sow? Please let’s get serious here…….She should be cursed if she does not repent of her wicked ways!

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