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Tummy Tuck… or not

By on October 4, 2015
Over weight woman in underwear

7 Styling Tricks To Hide A Tummy
Struggling to shift that extra weight around your abdomen? You’re not alone – as we get older, losing the extra pounds can become more and more of a struggle, and it can leave your confidence at an all-time low.

But that stubborn weight shouldn’t have to affect your style. With some clever tricks, you can learn to dress in a way that disguises your problem areas and leaves you brimming with confidence – and looking fabulous!

No longer should you have to feel that the high street is awash with beautiful styles that are out of bounds for you. Want that gorgeous skirt? Get it, and pair it with a statement neckline to draw the eyes upwards. Think you can’t wear anything high-waisted? Think again. Some clever pleats and a darker colour around your middle will leave you with the shape you’ve always dreamed of.

You may have picked up some tricks for body confidence over the years, but our failsafe fashion choices will ensure an instant uplift. From the jacket that no apple shape should be without to the high-waisted skirt you can wear, we’ve got six sartorial styles that you’ll turn to time and time again.

Find a well-fitting jacket

Don’t be tempted to always go for baggy, oversized styles – they can do more harm than good! A fitted jacket will slimline your shape and gently skim over problem areas.

most important rule with this option, though, is to
choose a style with
more than one button, as just one at the waist could accentuate a tummy

Go sheer

But in this case, oversized is good! A sheer blouse with a pussybow will skim over your shape while the pussybow tie automically draws the eyes upward. Choosing sheer material is a clever option as you’ll need to put a top on underneath – choose a fitted one that shows off your shape.

Layer up

Never underestimate the power of layering. A jacket or cardigan that you can wear open will draw the eye to the small section of under layer that is visible, seemingly taking inches off instantly.


Strategically-placed draping is the fashion equivalent of a tummy tuck! A draped dress will accentuate your waist and skim over the tummy area, leaving you with an hourglass shape and the confidence you’ve always dreamed of.

Try box pleats

A skirt that sits on the waist doesn’t have to be a no-no – just choose one with a thinner waistband so that it doesn’t accentuate a tummy bulge underneath. Box pleating will draw eyes to the hips rather than the tummy.

Wrap up!

A wrap dress will always be a figure-fixer, but the style is especially great for those wanting to disguise a tummy. An all-over patterned style is best, but any wrap design will be a flattering option.

S I guess no tummy tucks, YAY

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