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The People We Are

By on May 13, 2016
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Deep Insightful piece by blogger MC.M

Aggression reminds me of Curley, you know, Of Mice and Men

By 30, hoped you’d have mellowed out…hoped that we’d still be friends

Always so forceful, acting like you’ve got something to prove

Behind closed doors you like Miles Davis…you know, kind of blue

So many men do not know how to convey their emotions

Caught in the heat of the moment, can’t show care and devotion

Or they hide it, don’t get excited by those that they love

Idea of romantic antics, now greeted with a shrug

She said he was into it, and intimate, when they first met,

He bought her flowers, showered with gifts, and showed her respect

But now, as time past, he takes for granted the things he has

So many moments, life’s fast, forgets the day he asked

…And his feelings at that point in time

He had one question, the right answer…would raise him to his prime

Will you marry me, he said, tension was clear as ice

Awkward silence, a soft reply…you made her say it twice

Answer was yes, both confessed your love in many ways

After the altar, honeymoon period…those were better days

Again and again then you faltered, relationships soon changed

Ignored your role as a role model, forgetting early aims

Don’t you remember?! The subconscious screamed, but was never heard

Why are you scared of these feelings? Always neglect her words?

Why aren’t you ready to break free from the chains of your youth?

Why don’t you listen to others? You don’t accept the truth

These are the questions, that need addressing, in times of self-reflection

The questions in your head…the many answers you’ve rejected

But you don’t believe in reflection, you charge full speed ahead

No remorse or regrets about what you did and said

Everyone’s hurting, but you kept working, looking for peace of mind

Thinking your vision’s 20/20, when you were really blind

Misguided pride, like the emperor with his newest clothes

Embracing the highs, but, always always ignoring the lows

Look where you are now, deceiving yourself on a daily basis

Not seeing the hate and resentment behind the smiling faces

Not accepting you need someone to guide your mind

Not accepting you can’t be right all of the time

You’re getting older, not getting wiser, a sad stagnation

Not seeing the risks that you take are not the ones worth taking

In our lives, we lose sight of the important things

Ignorance and short term vision, so clear in many scenes

Get what we want, and we always, always, must still want more

And keeping that thing that we wanted, starts to become a chore

We forget feelings that shaped all our early decisions

Ill-informed actions, misgivings, they all lead to division

And when we gain our redemption, don’t reflect on old mistakes

Some silent moments and dialogue, is really all it takes

My conversation with my friend, was long overdue

Whatever goes down, I will always be thinking of you

I got up, and said goodbye to my future subconscious mind

Fast forward 10 years from now, to dangers of the coming times…


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