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    Let’s Get Naked

    • Posted August 23, 2017
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    Cheating, The Truth of Infidelity

    If you’re among the many couples who feel like you’re barely hanging on in marriage, the sobering truth is that you’re not alone. Particularly if cheating is involved.

    • Posted August 22, 2017
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    After Cheating : Restoring relationship trust

    How do you define infidelity? Does looking at porn count as cheating? What about webcam sex? If you play around on hookup apps but never actually hook up in person, are you cheating? If you’re chatting with an...

    • Posted August 22, 2017
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    Is There Male A Biological Clock That’s Ticking Too?

    Even in these days of scientific breakthrough in the area of fertility, women tend put ther biological clock into consideration when considering how long to put off having children, but is the male clock ticking too?

    • Posted August 3, 2016
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    Amazing Sex Facts You Absolutely NEVER Knew

    Think you know everything there is to know about sex? You may have the basics down but we’re pretty sure that you’ve never heard of these 20 amazing sex stats.

    • Posted June 18, 2016
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    Lift Your LIBIDO

    LIBIDO– Sexual desire Here are a list of the best essential oils to do just that.

    • Posted June 13, 2016
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    A Man Has Sex With His Body Women Have Sex With Their Minds? (VIDEO)

    This we think IS so true. What do YOU think? MLTMM (Make Love To My Mind) (Are you man enough to) Make love to my mind (To) Own me and have me completely (To) Ravish me, relish...

    • Posted May 24, 2016
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  • WATCH OUT! Here Are Some Relationship Problems That Could Sink Your Marriage

    Marital problems don’t always rear their heads in the form of some big dramatic incident, like infidelity or abuse. Sometimes, it’s the little things that warn of an imminent divorce.

    • Posted May 17, 2016
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    This Is Why People Really Have Affairs

    “I just don’t know what’s wrong with him. I mean, we’ve been married for 25 years and this just started happening in the last few. But it keeps happening, despite his promises to stop.”

    • Posted May 16, 2016
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    Are You On The Verge of Divorce?

    9 Things Marriage Therapists Tell Couples On The Verge Of Divorce Tried-and-true advice from experts.

    • Posted May 1, 2016
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