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    8 Secrets to Having Clear Skin

    No matter what you call it — blemishes, zits, pizza face — one thing’s for certain: nobody ever warmly welcomes acne. For some, bad skin is unfortunately a lifelong diagnosis. But others can easily score clear skin...

    • Posted August 22, 2017
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    The Truth About Anti-Aging Products

    Found this really interesting as most women, (myself included) spend a fortune on all kinds of products that promise to rejuvenate the face, but then a whole set of different creams for round the eyes the neck...

    • Posted April 14, 2016
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    Are you using your ‘Beauty Blender’ the right way?

    The ‘Beauty blender’? “An odd little egg-shaped sponge designed to help you better apply foundation.”

    • Posted April 14, 2016
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  • Party Hard Then….

    So you’ve rocked the holidays… hard. Sundown till sunup. its time to wind down as the holidays are, well, well and truly over come morning of January 2nd, 2016. We’re here to help. Here is a 5-STEP...

    • Posted December 31, 2015
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    Skin-care Matters

    How Long You Need to Stick with a Skin-Care Routine to Start Seeing Results Sometimes, it pays to be patient.

    • Posted October 1, 2015
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    18 Genius Hacks for Fixing Makeup Mistakes Every Woman Makes

    1. Don’t test new foundation shades on your cheek. The skin on your face, due to increased sun exposure or breakouts, isn’t the same color as the rest of your body. So, if you match your foundation...

    • Posted July 25, 2015
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    Want to Look Good Without Putting Your Face on?

    Many women think that makeup is the only way to look gorgeous each day. ‘ beauty lies in simplicity ’ is an age old proverb and is frequently forgotten. I agree, while makeup is great and fun,...

    • Posted June 1, 2015
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    Make-up to the Gym… a DO or an Obvious DON”T

    We all know that it’s not generally a good idea to put on a full face of makeup for the gym, thanks to the threat of breakouts and smeared mascara. Still, some days you just don’t want...

    • Posted May 28, 2015
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    How to Get Rid of Every Kind of Makeup Stain, ASAP

    How to Get Rid of Every Kind of Makeup Stain, ASAP Pepe Leon We love makeup. We love clothes. We don’t love it when the two of them intersect (we call it the Venn Diagram of our...

    • Posted May 23, 2015
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    I Woke Up Like This

    6 Things To Do Before Sleep To Wake Up Beautiful After a long, hard day at work or a crazy party, the last thing you want to do is prepare your skin for sleep. You skip your...

    • Posted May 19, 2015
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