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By on December 24, 2014

TemptTations favourite Christmas Movies of all time(so far, that is)

Home Alone 1

From the unmistakeable theme film score to THAT scream; the visit to the grocery store to buy ‘essentials’. The bravery in drawing up a ‘battle plan, to the little boy scared of the rumbling of the washing machine in the basement, the doorknob, the nail, the pet spider. This film is just so sweet. Old but always, always new.

Home Alone 2

Again the theme score, the Christmas Carols, the hilarious scene where ALL the hotel staff run after ‘Kevin’ into his hotel room and he puts a video on and they think someone is shooting at them (ROTFL), the bricks, the doorknob…again, the nail(s)…again. Slips, spills, falls. Hilarious. A must-watch again and again for the whole family.

The Holiday

“I totally loooooove this movie”, (Yadera, TemptTations contributor). Its just the right mix of romance, Christmas joy, fairytale, glamour, innocence, cuteness, comeuppance, hope and courage. With all this it’s still really, really real and gives you room to finish the story yourself, whether you’re a cynic or an idealist.

The Santa Clause

Who doesn’t love Santa? But when Santa falls off the roof, (an occupational hazard I guess), things take on a life of their own… literally

The Perfect Holiday

Sweet, funny,and heart warming. Single Mummy of 3 children finds her Prince Charming, with a little help from her kids, except one.

Christmas With The Kranks

Thinking of skipping Christmas in YOUR neighbourhood? The decorations, the tree, the annual Christmas party and so on… Better watch out.

Die Hard

If all the other movies have been a bit to tame for you and you want an action-packed-Christmas-movie-night, then try this one for size. Yippie ki-yay…

What do YOU think about TemptTations list of Christmas movies?
Is there any other movie you think should have made the cut?


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