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Shine Brighter Than A Diamond

By on September 26, 2015

How to maintain that sparkle
“Diamonds are a girls best friend” or so they say, and most women will agree that they are probably right.

Diamonds make a woman think of love, they speak to every fairytale, every romantic movie she’s ever watched, every romantic novel she’s ever read. We just love the way they catch the light, the way they glisten as if on fire, the way they sparkle. In fact diamonds are referred to as ‘Sparklers’.
To ‘Sparkle’ is to shine or glisten with little gleams of light, as a brilliant gem; to glitter; coruscate, (to emit vivid flashes of light; sparkle; scintillate; gleam)
to be brilliant, lively, or vivacious.

One notable thing about a diamond is that whichever way it is turned, it still emits these flashes of light that make it so beautiful.
As women, through the changes in circumstances or fortune, through the sometimes unwelcome or unpleasant things that life may throw our way, through ups and downs, a woman MUST strive to continue to sparkle, to be brilliant, lively, vivacious, and true to her nature, true to who she is.

It is worthy of note, as I saw in a quote that, “A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress really well”.
Continuing with the analogy of a diamond, (sparklers), it is also worthy of note that diamonds have ‘facets’, (the smooth surface areas of a diamond which have been CUT, polished and positioned at different angles which allow light to enter and reflect back from the stone), this is what produces the sparkle.

The operative word here is “CUT”, because the depth and width of the cut, to make a facet, are the “major determining factor” as to how brilliant and how durable that diamond will be.
Ladies, “To become a diamond you must have pressure, to sparkle you must be cut, pressured, polished and positioned, and cutting of any kind, always hurts.
Whatever your tribe, creed or culture, if you’ve lived for any length of time you would have likely come to the realisation and conclusion that, ”strength courage and character are born in and through adversity” so it is vitally important that you learn to “Walk tall through it all”. This fact is borne out by the no.1 bestseller of all time in Romans 5:3-5 and 2 Corinthians 4:17

She encouraged the women saying that if you’re going through challenging times right now, just know, realise and be encouraged by the fact that you’re being cut, pressured, polished and positioned so that you can sparkle brilliantly for all to see and draw strength from.

Diamonds, sparklers, are so precious, very valuable and costly because like crude oil or gold found deep in the earths crust, or like the woman in Proverbs 31:10 they are rare and hard to find. Every woman has the potential to shine bright like a diamond, we are all diamonds, even though some of us maybe diamonds in the rough.

A woman looks her most beautiful at whatever age, status or strata in life, when she radiates beauty from the inside out. A beauty that comes from an inner sense of wellbeing and not just her physical attributes.

To be your best self, to be able to go through the trials and pressures of life. To continue to stand after standing through trials is is not easy. it can never be said that it is easy to sparkle, for even after a piece of coal has withstood the stress and pressure and becomes a diamond, it is still “a diamond in the rough”.
It has to go through a process of cutting, polishing, setting a chipping away of any pieces that don’t fit into the master plan of the designer of the particular stone.

So Ladies, all this begs the question, “How DO we maintain our sparkle?”

  • By being confident, self-assured and convicted in our hearts that we are not ugly. We are each beautiful and unique in our own special way perfectly perfect in our individual imperfections.
  • By spending time with God, immersing ourselves in His word and in His glorious presence.
  • By surrounding ourselves with good friends, to maintain its sparkle a beautiful diamond must always be placed in the right setting. It must not be placed where or with anything that can dull its shine, or not fully show case its brilliance. In jewellery shops diamonds are always showcased in light, so their brilliance is apparent as if on fire.
  • By getting rid of sin. Diamonds are graded depending on how clear they are. Some have inclusions, (blemishes) so visible that it can affect their transparency, brilliance and value, while some are flawless.
  • By paying attention to how you appear. Put on a nice dress, brush that hair, smell nice, laugh, love, and you will find that you will be loved. Even if you don’t feel that way do it by faith.

“Life IS for the living”. Continue to ‘Shine Bright Like A Diamond.

By Yadera

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