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By on August 27, 2014

6 Tips for Sweat-Proofing Your Makeup

Summer is almost upon us, and we’re pumped for the pool weather. What we’re not so excited about? The sweat. Whether you’re commuting to work in the hot sun or relaxing on the beach, it’s always a bummer to see your perfect makeup turn to liquid.

The good news? You don’t have to let runny cosmetics ruin your summer fun.
Just check out these tips from New York City makeup artist Joanna Dee for sweat-proofing your pretty face:

Go Light
Make sure to use a moisturizer (with SPF!)—but be wary of one that’s too heavy, says Dee. “The heavier the moisturizer, the more you’re going to sweat.”
Serums are a good bet because they’re lightweight in texture. The same thickness rule applies for foundation—look for a sheer-coverage product. And remember: “The more you put on your face, the more you’ll sweat off,” says Dee.

Put on Some Primer
Primer is your friend. Always apply some before you put on your foundation.
“A primer is basically going to hold onto your foundation,” says Dee. “It’s like double-sided tape for it.” Primer, together with your moisturizer, is especially important if you decide to wear waterproof makeup on your face since it can be drying, says Dee.
Another option if moisturizer, primer, and foundation sound like too much of a hassle: BB cream with SPF, which is like an all-in-one, says Dee. She likes Maybelline’s.

Prime Your Eyes, Too!
Don’t let your eye shadow do a disappearing act (or that yucky crease thing)—use a primer on your eyelids.

Do Go Waterproof on the Eyes
Waterproof eye makeup makes a big difference in the summertime, says Dee—both for eye liner and mascara.

Embrace the Wet Lip Look
“Just like orange lips, lip gloss came back out of nowhere,” says Dee. So steer clear of potential for runny lip color by embracing the “sweaty” lip look—easy enough! (Of course, a gloss with SPF is best.)

Pick Up Some Powder
“Always set makeup with a mineral powder,” says Dee. “That will keep the makeup in place, smooth out the skin, and also absorb oil.”
You can also carry mineral powder and a sponge around in your purse for my-makeup-is-starting-to-drip emergencies, she says. The other awesome powder for summer sweating: blotting powder. If you’re starting to spot oil but don’t want to add makeup (or remove the stuff that’s already there), Dee likes MAC Cosmetics Blot Powder Pressed.

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