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Lift Your LIBIDO

By on June 13, 2016

LIBIDO– Sexual desire
Here are a list of the best essential oils to do just that.

Low libido can take a serious toll on a marriage. As women get older and hormones begin to change, they may find that their desire for sex begins to wane. Energy levels plummet and very often, the lack of energy accounts for lack of desire.
When women show a lack of sexual interest, their husband may feel unattractive and unwanted. Thankfully, there are steps couples can take to get their spark back.
Aromatherapy can boost libido and bring the fire back into any relationship. These essential oils have the power to boost the sex drive of men and women alike.

Cinnamon Oil for Libido

While cinnamon is frequently used to add spice to a meal, it can also be used to spice up a sexual relationship. Researchers have found that the scent of cinnamon can increase blood flow to the penis. It can also help out ladies with a low sex drive. Cinnamon has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries.

Although cinnamon is effective, it doesn’t always work immediately. Couples should start using the scent early in the night. Long, luxurious cinnamon oil massages are the perfect way to start a night full of passion.

Ylang Ylang Oil

While people experience a loss of libido for a number of reasons, one of the primary culprits is stress. People are so overwhelmed by their jobs and responsibilities that they just can’t relax at the end of the night.

Ylang Ylang oil can help even the most tightly-wound people kick back and relax. It can bring blood pressure down, and bring skin temperatures up. Diffusing this oil can give couples a chance to reconnect and make the most of the time they have with each other.

Rose Oil and Libido

Many people see roses as the most romantic flower in the world. People give roses to their loved ones on holidays, and rose-imagery can be found on a variety of mushy cards.
However, it’s not just the appearance of roses that makes people associate them with love. The smell of roses can also induce feelings of romance. Rose oil has a strong anxiolytic effect, which allows people to feel less inhibited in the bedroom.

In addition, the right smell can bring back happy memories. Because roses are associated with romantic holidays, the scent of rose oil can remind couples of happier times.

Jasmine Oil

Jasmine is an exotic flower, so it’s no surprise that the scent of jasmine oil can induce passion. Its rich, flowery scent has strong seductive properties, which is why it’s commonly used in women’s perfume. In India, jasmine oil has been used to treat low libido for centuries.

In modern times, researchers have also found a strong link between the scent of jasmine and increase in sex drive. Inhaling jasmine can have a stimulating effect on both men and women. This oil can improve blood flow, increase body temperature, and give men a much-needed libido boost.

Sandalwood Oil

While few people would associate the woody scent of sandalwood oil with romance, it has been shown to have very alluring properties. In fact, many cultures have been using this oil to treat impotence for centuries.

Women also respond very well to the scent of sandalwood. It has a relaxing effect, but can also help to increase blood flow. Ladies who catch a whiff of sandalwood are likely to experience strong feelings of arousal shortly after.

A loss of libido is not something that people should just accept. As we get older, it can be more difficult to become aroused and to get in the mood. Men and women can both increase their sex drive naturally by using aromatherapy. Sexual intimacy is a vital part of any relationship. Couples should do all they can to maintain a healthy sex life to keep the fires burning and to stay connected.



  1. TeamSpeak

    July 7, 2016 at 6:54 AM

    If your libido needs a boost, plan a romantic meal. Seafood in general is great for the libido, but particularly Mediterranean mussels. An amino acid in them directly raises sexual ­hormone levels for men and women. Also, try celery or fennel, which have a natural ­oestrogen-like substance which can kick-start your libido.

  2. GrandSmeta

    June 28, 2016 at 12:49 PM

    You can boost your self-esteem and your sex drive by shifting the focus from your flaws to your attributes. You can also focus on the pleasure experienced during sex.

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