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By on September 19, 2014

Ladies…. 5 Unfair Expectations Of Your Husband

1. Expect That He Should “Get You.” The differences between men and women—how we think and act—are obvious and even humorous at times.
But when a wife expects that her husband should completely understand her, seeing things through her lens and from her perspective, it creates unreal expectations that are impossible for him to fulfill..

2. Expect That He Will Never Be Tempted by Other Women. Men are wired visually. All men are tempted. It’s a fact that makes life difficult for every guy living in this sex-obsessed culture. When a wife expects that he will never be tempted, she is ignoring this fact.
On the other hand, it is fair for her to expect that he will resist that temptation. So it’s important for a wife to understand this reality and for her to support her husband in the fight against walking into temptation.

3. Expect That He Will Always Make You Happy. This expectation often starts in the early years of marriage when you think you and your handsome prince will live happily ever after because he will always make you happy.
But then, the passage of time reveals the gritty truth that a husband will disappoint his wife at some point. So, if a wife relies completely on her husband to bring her ultimate happiness, marriage problems are bound to occur.

4. Expect That He Can Read Your Mind. Generally speaking, the way women are wired is a mystery to men … a beautiful, yet challenging mystery!
This expectation often shows up during arguments when a wife doesn’t really want to, or doesn’t feel she should have to, explain what she’s thinking.

Ladies, your hints and subtle comments do not help your husband as much as straight talk does.

The more you are willing to share what you’re really thinking, the more he will be able to anticipate and understand what you’re thinking down the road. But he’ll never be able to get it right every time.

5. Expect That He Will Have the Same Daily Priorities as You Do.
It’s a sure thing that when a wife expects her husband to wake up with her priorities on his mind, she may not be pleased with the result.

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