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By on April 20, 2014

Let the old die and let the new spring forth: stop, so that you can start,

Jesus Christ. The Son of God, The Son of Man. The Word (of God) made flesh, embodied as it were. A Light, THE Light, our Forerunner, our High Priest. He lived, He died, He rose from the dead and for those who believe, we believe that His life, His death and His resurrection gives us the ability, the enablement and the power to live life and live it more abundantly, overcoming its challenges and emerging victorious.
Illusion, delusion? Fantasy or reality? Whether you agree with this as I do or not, I think we can agree that the message of Easter is one of hope, a message that through unspeakable pain and suffering can come new life.

As women we go through challenges unique to each one of us, a phrase from the best selling book of all time comes to mind- “We are hedged in on every side, we suffer embarrassments and are perplexed, a lot of times seemingly unable to find a way out; we are pursued, we are sometimes struck down to the ground by circumstances, but in all this we are not cramped or crushed, not driven to despair; we are not deserted (to stand alone), never struck out and destroyed”.

In my walk on this side of the divide I have increasingly come to the conclusion that, “Of a truth and of a certainty, strength, courage and character are birthed in and through adversity”, but you know what? “Walk tall through it all” ladies.

Are you happy, sad? Devastated, depressed? Do you feel used, abused, neglected? Our men they just don’t understand. For everything you are going through, someone has been through and emerged battle-scarred but a winner, another has gone through and been decimated.

Rise above your issues, your particular and peculiar circumstances, rise above painful life experiences, rise above betrayal, heartache and heartbreak. Let the old die and let the new spring forth: stop, so that you can start, and in so doing you WILL discover hidden strengths, treasures in your darkest hours.
You WILL begin to fulfil purpose and destiny. You WILL begin to impact your friends, family, and colleagues. You WILL find that you are impacting future generations, your own nation, nations and ultimately the world.


Happy Easter all,

From TemptTations

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