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Hand Luggage Only Holiday?

By on June 30, 2015
luggage full and ready to travel

Here are 6 RULES to making packing so much easier

1. Choose your vessels

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that you need to check the sizes of hand luggage before you travel. Once you’ve done that, invest, and invest wisely. One with pockets at the front is a good start, as is one that has straps to pull everything in – think of it as the Spanx of suitcases.

Don’t underestimate the power of a clutch bag either. Having somewhere to stash your purse, passport, boarding pass, phone, headphones and Kindle while you’re on the flight always reduces the panic rummage when you’ve left your purse in the luggage and you’re craving a gin and tonic.

2. Know your limits

Five pairs of shoes? Three handbags? Times are hard in the world of hand luggage.

A 10kg maximum limit means you have to be strict with what you want to take for a week-long holiday on the beach, and the reality of what you’ll actually wear. This is not the time for a three-outfits-a-day dress code.

Opt for a 4-colour palette of black, white, navy and grey for maximum outfit options.

3. Rolling is the new folding

Yes, yes, neatly folded items in a Louis Vuitton case is the dream, but this isn’t a dream, this is the reality of travelling cattle class (aka economy).

After reading an article on packing tips in the New York Times, the only way to actually pack 40 things into one suitcase is to roll. It’s a more efficient use of space, and saves creasing. Try it and you’ll never look back.

4. Cheap 100ml bags are for fools…

You’d buy yourself a £20 wash bag for weekends away, so this is not the time to scrimp on a clear plastic one that will make you the envy of security queues everywhere. A Muji one does the trick every time.

Liquids, creams, gels, aerosols and pastes all go in here. Lipsticks, lip balms and soaps do not.

5. …Decanting is not

I’m not going to lie, alongside my love of handbags and shoes is a penchant for bottles of mini things. Yes, those ones you find in Boots next to the hand wipes and Trebor XX strong mints. Don’t be lured into the trap. Spending £15 on miniature items doesn’t sit well with the holiday-cocktail fund.

Be specific about what you want to buy mini (I’m obsessed with Aveda travel bottles) and decant the rest. As for shower gel, any self-respecting hotel will have plenty to go around.

6. Wear everything you own

That includes the coat you might need for chilly evenings, your jeans for the flight home and the statement necklace you’ve been saving especially. This is not the time to grab your flip-flops and maxi dress. If they weigh more than a newborn child, you should be wearing them.

Can anyone else give us tips on how to travel really light?

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