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Apparently This Simple Move Could Save Your Life In A House Fire

By on November 17, 2015

Christmas is almost here. Chances are sweet-scented candles are burning, lots of wrapping paper, string, boxes for gifts in the house. Baking, roasting, cooking, reheating of all kinds of delicacies. All real kindling for, God forbid, a house fire.

However This Simple Move Could Save Your Life in a Home Fire
You can buy yourself a few more minutes to escape.

SHUT YOUR BEDROOM DOOR — either at night, before you go to bed, or during a fire if you can’t escape through the door. Doing so “could buy you extra seconds or even minutes, time to find another way out of the house, or time to wait until firefighters can reach you.”

Experiments conducted at Underwriters Laboratories, a global independent safety science company, illustrate why the advice works. Researchers lit a fire in a building that contained two upstairs bedrooms. They kept the door of one room open, and closed the door of the other room.
After the fire had been burning for three minutes, the open-door room was filled with thick smoke. In the closed-door room, there was still some visibility even at the five-minute mark. By keeping a door closed, you change the flow of heat and toxic gases.

The solution is to place a baby monitor inside kids’ rooms.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT A CLOSED DOOR IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR A SMOKE DETECTOR Firefighters recommend that you have smoke detectors inside and outside of all the bedrooms in your house, in addition to practicing a fire escape plan with your family.

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