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About Us

TemptTations is an online magazine for women, about women, all about women and for men who are man enough to want to understand their woman. It’s a magazine for every woman, even the ‘other’ woman.
What do we feel, think, do, say and why. What makes us happy, sad, melancholy, fulfilled… or not. What devastates us, depresses us, makes us feel used, abused, neglected. What makes us feel nourished and cherished and protected.
More importantly how can we rise above the issues of our varied, peculiar and particular circumstances, renew our strength, soar like the eagle, regenerate ourselves like the mythical phoenix from the ashes of painful life experiences; and in so doing, in discovering hidden strengths, birthed through adversity, begin to fulfil purpose and destiny, impacting our friends, families, colleagues; impacting future generations, our own nation, nations and ultimately the world.
TemptTations? As women we are tempted…a lot. Join the ride, let’s navigate and overcome them together.