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By on April 5, 2015

In that split second everything around silent and stilled, narrowed focus and vision. Everything, every choice, every action every deed… or misdeed had led to this split second in time… and now, right now, the trigger had been pulled, aimed for the center off your head, deaTh, extinction was inevitable.

For some strange reason you could see the end coming, the bullet speeding towards you really fast, but somehow, for some strange reason you could see it slow…. then just as it was a hairs breadth from piercing flesh, shattering bone, pulverising muscle a stranger, someone you’d never met, never spoken with, someone you don’t know, that owes you nothing, jumps up right in front of you and takes that bullet, for you.

You fall down, hard, the stranger on top of you, covering you.

It seems He dies, but… HE doesn’t die, HE rises up, stretches out HIS hand and pulls YOU up. He brushes you off, hugs you, says that HE loves you and that’s why He was ready to give HIS life for yours, for you. HE says that every choice, every action, every deed… or misdeed that had led to this split second in time, he had negotiated away and made a deal for you, you’d never be held accountable for. These things would never more be a problem for you, if you’d just get to know Him more by spending time with Him.


HAPPY EASTER from TemptTations

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