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A Letter To My Daughter

By on January 29, 2016

From a mother to her daughter as she turns 16…


There’s a Great Book penned by inspired authors many years ago
It spoke about many things
Many great things… but it also spoke about woman
As you are now on the cusp of womanhood, in some ways a child that looks up to us
But in many other ways a woman, clothes, hair, make-up, shoes
And the dreaded word, dare I say it… boys
I want you to take away some truths from this Great Book as you celebrate this landmark birthday today

You are beautiful inside and out and must remain so
NEVER do anything that changes that
You are precious and of great worth in our(Mummy & Daddy’s) eyes
And most especially in the eyes of GOD
So do not sell yourself short to anyone

You can do and achieve anything you set your mind to
So focus and set your mind to do great things
You were created for a specific purpose that no one can fulfil but YOU
So find this purpose early and walk in it

Be an Esther, a queen clothed in the latest fashions
Beautiful, regal, yet obedient to authority, who made a difference in her nation
A Ruth, a woman of integrity who made a vow, stuck to it and was richly blessed for it
Be wise, kind, honourable, responsible, fear God, obey your parents
Soar my darling, go further than I ever could dream of doing
And do it looking real good the way you do today


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