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A Hair Growth Smoothie???!!!???

By on November 20, 2015

Is this true?
There are so many different reasons that one person’s hair grows faster than another person’s hair. Some of these are out of your control, since you can’t choose your parents and genetics does play a role. However, there are some factors that you can control and focusing on those factors can give your hair growing capacity a boost.

Faster hair growth can help make your hair thicker, since it offsets and overtakes hair loss. It can have its drawbacks, such as sending you in for a trim more frequently unless you have a style that you can adjust for varying lengths. You can achieve faster hair growth by combining specific ingredients that boosts hair growth.


12-15 ice cubes (for smoothie texture)

1 scoop protein powder (Hair is largely composed of keratin, a protein made up of amino acids. To grow new hair, your body must produce more amino acids, which it can only do from consuming protein.)

3/4 cup almond milk (almond milk contains 3 times as much calcium as regular dairy milk and therefore has 3 times the anti-hair-loss power)

1/4 tsp Carrot Root oil (or you can create your own, read instructions here)

1 tbsp. Gelatin powder (like this)

1 tbsp. Cocoa powder (raw cocoa powder is better)

2 tbsp. Peanut butter (optional)

Each of the ingredients in this magical mixture has nutrients your body needs for faster hair growth, except the ice cubes. Those are just to make it more refreshing and provide the thick smoothie texture. Not only will this smoothie make your hair grow faster, it’s also good for strengthening nails.

BENEFITS of Ingredients

Almond Milk
The almond milk, make sure it’s organic, has more calcium than regular milk, three times more. It’s also easier to digest for those who are lactose intolerant. Calcium helps the hair grow longer and stronger so you don’t lose it as fast.

Protein Powder
Protein powder used in this smoothie can be any type you choose. Hair is largely composed of keratin, a protein made up of amino acids. The protein is necessary for your body to produce amino acids, which creates keratin, the largest component in hair.

Gelatin Powder
Gelatin powder is an age old remedy for improving nails and hair. That’s because it contains amino acids that are difficult to get in most diets, such as proline and glycine. These amino acids aid in the growth of hair.

Carrot oil
The oil of carrot seed and carrot roots and a great source of carotene, which changes to vitamin A, an antioxidant. It helps both the hair and skin by boosting cell production.

Cocoa Powder
You need to have a flavorful addition to your smoothie, but also one that benefits the hair. Cocoa powder has plenty of nutrients that aid in hair growth, including manganese, iron, magnesium and zinc.
These help your body utilize the calcium that it uses for the growth of hair, bone and nails. It also aids in strengthening nails and hair, while tasting yummy.

One optional ingredient is peanut butter.
It gives a peanut butter cup taste to the smoothie and adds to the creamy texture. It also contains alpha-tocopherol—vitamin E—which helps strengthen the hair follicles


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