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8 Texts You Should Send Your Spouse

By on September 5, 2014

Intimacy starts long before the bedroom, and making an effort to stay connected when you are apart will help you you feel closer when you are in person.

1. I liked the way you…
They say it takes seven positive statements to make up for just one negative comment. So we probably need to be saying encouraging words to our spouses whenever we get the chance. And since most of us don’t see our spouses during the day, what a lovely way to brighten his/her day—with words that encourage and build up.
And remember, whatever you focus on in your mate is more likely to be repeated by him or her in the future, not to mention becoming more obvious to you in the present!

2. I love your…
This is similar to the affirmation mentioned above, but takes it to another level because you are telling your spouse what physical qualities you find attractive about them in a quick little text note. Who doesn’t want to be reminded of that—especially if you’ve been married for a while and have gotten lazy about continuing to “win your spouse’s heart.”
Everyone wins when we make these small gestures a practice in our marriages.

3. Let’s make time to talk later about…
Even though we might not have “deep” texting conversations, we can certainly give a “heads up” to our spouses when we want them to prepare for a deeper conversation later or, for that matter, to prepare for anything we have up our sleeve!
Texting is a great and easy way to include our spouses on any plans or expectations we may have involving them. I tend to be tied to my schedule a lot of the time and am so grateful for a little advanced warning from my hubby on just about anything that might take time, effort or an attitude adjustment on my part.

4. I’m thinking of you and can’t wait to see you when you get home!
This is such an affectionate and verbal “warm fuzzy” that lets our spouses know they are on our minds. And the beautiful flip-side to this is… it puts us on our spouse’s mind as well! It also sets the stage for a loving greeting when we reunite at home.

5. I’m praying for you!
In addition to letting your spouse know that you’re praying for them, you could text the words that you’ve actually prayed for your spouse. Receiving a message like this can be extremely comforting and honors your spouse in a very tangible and thoughtful way.

6. Here’s a verse that has encouraged me…
Along the same line as a “text prayer” is the sharing of a Bible verse or inspirational quote with your mate. Maybe the verse or quote addresses some concern your spouse has had recently. Then you’ll not only be encouraging your spouse, but offering comfort and insight as well in a time of need.

7. I really want to … with you, my Love!
I’ll leave this one up to your imagination! But texting your spouse an invitation to do something special, romantic or fun-filled is a great way to add a little spice to your love life!
But be sure to put some thought and planning into those special plans you just mentioned in your text. Nothing is worse than anticipating something new and thrilling from your spouse, only to be met with “I forgot!” or “I got too busy to plan anything.”

8. I really want to… what do you want?
This is similar version of the one just above, but combines a fun little game that can be played via text as well as in person.
You simply tell your spouse what you want (sticking with desires that encourage and remind your spouse of your love for them) and then wait for your spouse to respond with a desire or want of his/her own.
You can play this game back and forth for as long as the two of you are having fun. Who knows? It just might reveal a hidden desire that would have gone unexpressed without this back and forth game of “catch the want.”

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