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6 weird facts about pregnancy you haven’t heard

By on November 15, 2015

Proving that truth can be stranger than fiction, these weird facts about pregnancy may make you do a double-take at your computer screen. No, you’re not dreaming. And no, we’re not making this stuff up.

You can get pregnant while expecting
While it’s extremely rare, there have been 10 reported cases of women carrying two babies with two different due dates. The phenomenon is called superfetation and happens when an expectant mom continues to ovulate during pregnancy.

Now, that’s a big baby
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest baby ever born weighed 22 pounds and measured 28 inches. That happened in 1879 in a town in Ohio.

You can fingerprint a fetus
OK, well not exactly, but during the first three months of pregnancy, your baby will develop his or her own set of prints. Tiny as they may be, these fingerprints are just like those of an adult, meaning no two are alike.

Babies can cry in the womb
While researchers were busy studying the effects of tobacco and cocaine use on fetuses, they stumbled upon a surprising find: When exposed to stimuli, an unborn baby may silently cry during the third trimester of pregnancy.

A baby’s cry is a powerful thing
Speaking of crying, a baby’s cry may trigger a biological response in an expectant mom’s body – lactation! What makes this news even weirder? The cry might come from any child, not just one belonging to the mother in question.

A baby tastes what mom’s eating
Researchers tell us that, especially when it comes to stronger flavors such as garlic and onion, baby can pick up on what his or her mother’s eating. What’s more, what you eat while you’re pregnant can directly affect how adventurous an eater your little one turns out to be.

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