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4 Ways to Conquer Your Biggest Fears

By on December 31, 2015

If we are truly interested in improving, growing, and learning throughout our lives, we need to consistently put ourselves in increasingly challenging or uncomfortable positions that scare us. Want to know the best way to challenge yourself both physically and mentally?
Do the very things that scare you! Fear and anxiety have the power to paralyze us, but they also give us a chance to acknowledge them without submitting to them.

Answer the question, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Most anything can be fixed, most issues are only temporary, and pretty much any problem can be solved eventually.

There’s always a way out. Always.

Take Baby Steps

If you have stage fright, then getting up in front of a few thousand strangers might cause you to need a change of pants. So, why not start by practicing in front of a mirror. Then try talking to a few coworkers. Then practice in front of some family members, then on a street corner, then in a room of 50, and so on. Baby steps!

Accept It and Relax

To cope with that anxiety, simply slow down your breathing, accept the fact that you’re going to get nervous, and then tell yourself, “Hey, it’s going to be okay.”
It’s weird, but simply acknowledging the fear and then laughing a bit about it (“Man I’m really nervous and freaked out, HA!”) can go a long way.

Don’t Give Yourself a Chance to Back Out

If you’re afraid of trying something, burn the bridge behind you so that you have no choice but to move forward.
If you are afraid to run a race, sign up and pay for it before you can change your mind. Prepay for those 10 jujitsu classes.

Strength in Numbers

Don’t be afraid to turn to others to help you conquer your fears.
If you’re afraid of talking to people, recruit a friend more socially advanced than you and have them walk with you or go out with you until you develop the skill and confidence to go it alone.


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