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4 Bright Makeup Tips for Women With Dark Skin

By on December 22, 2014

A lot of going out to do this Christmas period so we thought this might be useful. Let us know.

The darker your skin tone, the brighter your makeup can be. Since that leaves you with a lot of options for what you can wear, it’s only fitting that you be equipped with the right tools for figuring how to wear them. To ensure the best application of your favorite fuchsias, teals, and tangerines, always remember these four key application tips.

Give it a Base
To make bold colors pop against rich skin tones, create a brightening base. For lips, that means starting with a light layer of concealer or foundation.

Apple it Wet
o get greater pigment payoff out of your shadows, dampen the brush before you apply. Whether you’re applying eye shadow or eyeliner, you’ll get richer and more opaque color.

Pay for Colour payoff
When you’re going for a really killer bright makeup look, don’t rely on cheap products to get the job done. Try before you buy to ensure the color you see in the pan is actually the color you get. With lipstick, you usually get the most color out of matte formulas.

Use a Light Hand
Even though the motto with bright makeup is “the brighter, the better,” it’s still possible to overdo it—especially if you’re working with high-quality, highly pigmented products. Use a medium-sized fluffy brush to apply bright blush. Start with a light dusting, you can always add more.

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